Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hobbies I have

As I have just started writing blog, I will be talking about myself more until I get some subject to write.

I have three hobbies Reading, Movies and Music.

Among 100 people, 99 will have these hobbies. So what's new in that, just read here...

Reading: When I read this word in any ones biodata I might think how much he likes to read. Does he read 4 hours a day? Yes I read more then that. I like to read anything, anywhere, anytime. You can find me reading newspapers, magazines, books, even leaflets while traveling, ticket que, bus que, breakfast, in bedroom, loo, even while eating. If you find me with out reading then just think that its a dry day for me. I can’t stop reading for a second. I read every advertisement, hoardings, shop names, directories etc. etc. Whatever comes to my eyes I just read it. Everyone in my family and friends are fad up with this hobby, but I cant stop it.

Movies: It’s a passion for me. I like to see good movies and that can be in any language. I see movies on any genre like drama, art, action, violence, sci-fi, comedy, adventure etc.. I feel my self lucky when work for movies and see them on big screen. I mostly prefer movie which have something new in them like violence in John Woo movies are always fantastic, Steven Spielberg's movie are the best always, Roland Emmerich can stop your hear beats and Peter Jackson can make you mad.

Music: Music is as important as oxygen for me. I can't imagine world without music. My fav. Artists are A. R. Rehman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kham, Bhemsen Joshi, Eagles, Dido, Anup Jalota, Eminem, Indian Ocean, and Yeshu Das.

My Dream: I have a dream to have my own library with all the books printed till date in any language. I wanted to learn every thing in the world from cooking to rocket science. I also wanted to see all the movies that were made till date and wanted to sing all the song which are composed. For me knowledge is every thing. Hence I always try to learn some thing new by reading or watching movies. When I left college I made a rule of learning at least 1 thing daily and that can be any thing.

You will see these subjects often in my blogs as I can’t stop talking about them.

Vipul Parekh


Vimal said...

I know that 99 of 100 have these hobbies. But you are special amongst them.

All of them have a specific area of likings and theyt read accordingly. Besides, most of them read timepass stuffs like different periodicals. You read things which comes to your hand.

I admire it.

Best wishes buddy.

Vipul Parekh said...


Thanks for the comments. This will inspire me to read more more more and more.

Thanks again.

Vipul Parekh

sanjeev jain said...

i am happy that you have the hobby of reading all the books and also want to make a huge library.have you heard about osho.if possible try to read his books and you will be surprised.i am sure that if you read his books,probably you will leave all other books as his books have all the wisdom which you one can find on this whole earth.

Send flowers said...

You have same hobbies as me... Great.