Thursday, June 30, 2011

whoisvipul? yes who am i?

who am i. what am i doing.

self scanning ni aaddat always worried me of what exactly is happening.

motorcycle diaries joi ne thay ke duniya ma thi capitalism ukhadi pheku and sometimes I feel like to control the world by the power of money like gorgen geko.

kyarek rahman to nusrat makes me feel like the world is only a symphony

techincal vato kari kari ne relations pan logically and algorithmically develop thai jay che.

or am I being an extremist.

daily alag alag characters play kari ne may be I dont know the real me.

kadach etlej loko adhyatmik banta hashe. but i hate that escape. they cant give logical answer. that the reason i stopped visiting ISCON in college. may be I am too self centered or not ready to bow down. even to god.

may be its a journey and people are like billboards.

or its a endless hunger of knowledge, to prove, to achieve, to gain.

dont know what crap I am typing. (again self scanning :))

what the hell, blogspot cant give gujarati typing too bad.