Thursday, November 23, 2006

Coming into Software Field


I started my career into software field by doing job for 3 years where I learned software development, analysis, marketing, implementation, researching new things. I was doing all the work in my company and hence got a very good knowledge about those subjects.

Then I start getting small freelance projects at home and was doing well in that. My brother Hardik was also into Flash Programming. Hence we thought to stop doing job and planned to start our own company. It was a very tough decision for my family but I got good support from my wife and other family members. The day we started Virtual Splat, we have one thing in mind very clear, We have to perform at any cost and have to grow. Hardik being very technical, he handles the technical problems in the company. I mostly handle marketing and sales. We started from a single pc from my bedroom and now we have a full furnished office with 12 people working.

I feel software development field is very interesting as you need to update yourself daily. You never become old here as its constantly changing.

I will write about technologies, clients, development process in some other post.

Vipul Parekh


ProVISI - Mobile Solution said...

Hello Vipul Parekh:)
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Vipul Parekh said...


Thanks for using the MLM software. This software can be use as real. Its free only for 30 days. It depends on what all modifications you required in the software. If you are paying me then why will I stop the service.

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Vipul Parekh

Afzal said...

Right Mr. Vipul software field is very interesting and all of my friends from engineering has made their career in software and done a lot of implementations for Infosys, TCS, Intel, Patni ...
I am basically into technical field and want to learn more about internet and networks.
You call always get in touch with me at any point of time,
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Name : Afzal Shaikh
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Send flowers said...

Welcome in the field of developers..